The Home Waters

Headwaters Lake

Just outside of Fellsmere, FL, Headwaters Lake is a brand spankin’ new reservoir that is finally open to the public. Cared for and nurtured to life by the St. Johns River Water Management District and FWC, the goal was to product a fishery of epic proportions, piled high with Largemouth Bass for years to come. Otherwise known as Lake Egan or Fellsmere Reservoir, the vegetation is plentiful and the water depths give fish plenty of ambush points making it a comfortable environment for these bass to grow and grow and grow! FWC stocked 1 Million Bass and 1 Million panfish and with regulations to protect the fish in here, as best they can, you can bet that’s a solid reason why there’s a trophy caught out of here on a weekly basis, if not more than that.

Fishing Headwaters Lake For Trophies

Capt. Kenny Hass is a bass fishing junkie and truly excels in big bait fishing for big bass. Tossing around a Bucca Shad is not an oddity for this guide, and he’s more than happy to show you the ropes and lure in the thrill of that big bite with his guests.

Don’t stress, though, because if you’re not really into throwing plastic and would rather throw some live bait, Capt. Kenny is more than happy to add on some shiners to your trip! Finicky Bass can’t really deny the live offering of a chunky Golden Shiner!

Meeting Location

On the day of your scheduled trip, we will meet at the boat ramp on Headwaters Lake and I’ll have everything with me that we need to make for an epic trip out on the lake!

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